highly stylized original cast bronze double-sided 1869-1969 chicago chapter american institute of architects centennial medal

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original double-sided oversized cast bronze chicago chapter of the american institute of architects centennial medal fabricated by the medallic art company, new york. the obverse features a sullivanesque design with an inscription reading " 1869 x 1969; in center field, centennial/ chicago/ chapter; with decorative seal of american institute of architects, aia in center." the reverse contains a rotunda ceiling with centrally located seal aia.
the nicely aged medal is edge-stamped medallic art company, ny. the medals were fabricated for the chicago chapter of the america institute of architects to commemorate its 100th anniversary in 1969. the chicago chapter is one of the oldest and largest in the country. donated to the bldg. 51 museum collection by chicago's cultural historian, tim samuelson.
UR #:: UR-26209-17