refinished c. 1940's vintage american medical freestanding brushed steel hospital examination floor lamp with swivel shade or reflector


vintage american medical c. 1940's freestanding hospital or "sick room" floor lamp containing two toggle switches for direct and indirect sources of light. the principal object of this particular light is to provide an inexpensive lamp of simplified design which may be regulated mechanically to provide the quality and direction of light desired, either direct, indirect or a combination of both, in a convenient manner. thus, direct light may be trained upon the patient by the physician when making an examination, or the patient may adjust the lamp for direct light from a different angle for reading, or for indirect soft light when resting. the hospital examination medical lamp was manufactured by the hill-rom co., inc., batesville, ind. the brushed metal finish was treated with a clear coat lacquer. the floor light measures 4 feet in height. the rotating shade or reflector is 12 inches in diameter.
UR #:: UR-29689-18