all original american vintage art deco machine age theater lobby "alzak' spun aluminum saucer-shaped pendant light


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Product Description

all original and completely intact late 1930's american art deco machine age "alzak" saucer-shaped pendant light salvaged from a chicago theater lobby undergoing renovations. the sleek and streamlined brushed aluminum indirect light ceiling fixture was fabricated by or for the westinghouse electric corp., pittsburgh, pa. the patented anodic coating greatly enhances the reflective surfaces contained within the deep bowl reflector. the bulbous bottom was designed specifically for use with a mazda mogul base oversized light bulb. the bullet-shaped socket housing retains the original leviton porcelain socket. the tubular stem and spun aluminum canopy are original to the fixture. the interior machine age pendant light remains in great condition, considering age. the bold and futuristic design is uncomplicated and visually striking. exceptional art deco commercial lighting. measures 18 x 26 inches.