c. 1930's american vintage medical freestanding "sun-ray" adjustable height ultraviolet light therapy floor lamp with aluminum shade


UR #:: UR-19404-14

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Product Description

original and largely intact c. 1930's american medical freestanding reading lamp formerly used used in ultraviolet light phototherapy. the telescoping floor lamp was designed and fabricated by the cosmo sunray products co., new york city, ny. the lamp retains the original deep bowl aluminum reflector or shade with flared rim. the cylindrical-shaped socket housing contains multiple holes for heat dissipation. the tightly affixed black bakelite knob or handle allows the user to adjust the angle of the light source. a well-built cast iron arm with two points of adjustment supports the light fixture. the overlapping tubular steel poles or extensions are adjusted with a bronze coupler containing a friction joint dial handle. the circular-shaped cast iron base is weighted for added support and stability. the floor lamp contains a brushed metal finish sealed with a clear coat lacquer. the base measures approximately 14 inches in diameter. the shade measures approximately 14 inches in diameter. the height ranges from approximately 48 - 68 inches.