early 1920's industrial research lab soapstone apron sink w/ routed drainboards


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Product Description

great industrial style vintage science lab apron sink removed from a shuttered michael reese hospital research laboratory. the instructional lab activities were likely geared towards md/phd students focusing on the research end of various medical pathologies. the soapstone sink dates to the late 1920's; a conclusion we arrived at based on the markings found on the backside of the backsplash. the stone features anomalies such as veining, minor pitting, and/or areas of enhanced coloration, which gives the sink unique visual character. there are no cracks, breaks or gouges in any of the stone panels. heavy duty cast iron interconnected pipe sink base with original black enamel finish. the apron sink is deep with drain and strainer. there are two routed drainboards flanking the sink, providing ample countertop work space. the backsplash is comprised of two sections that mount flush against the wall. the faucets or taps that supply cold and hot water are made of cast bronze with original integrated soapdish. truly remarkable industrial style sink that can be used in a variety of applications. soapstone has been used as wash tubs and sinks since the 19th century because of its durability and easy maintenance. many homes today still have the original soapstone sinks and wash tubs from that era (often found in the basement). measures 67 x 39 1/2 by 31 1/2 x 21 inches. the sink, surround and base can be disassembled with ease.