early 20th century unique cast iron detroit stove works anvil salesman sample


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Product Description

unique little salesman sample in the form of a cast iron anvil with words "detroit stove works" lightly incised on each of the sides. the vintage industrial salesman sample dates to the early 20th century. the detroit stove works dates back to 1861, when jeremiah dwyer, his brother james, and thomas w. misner organized the j. dwyer & company. jeremiah dwyer was a native of brooklyn, where he was born in 1838, and was brought to detroit by his parents the same year. after his education he eventually became an apprentice in the old hydraulic iron works, where he learned the trade of foundryman, and from this he stepped into the stove manufacturing business, with which he remained prominently identified until his death in january, 1920. the plant of this small company first organized by mr. dwyer was located near the site of the present michigan stove company and the first stoves were sold by personal solicitation among the residents of the city. two years after the organization, misner's interest in the firm was purchased by william h. tefft, but the firm name remained the same. within a few years after his start, mr. dwyer became acquainted with charles ducharme, one of the wealthy detroiters of that period and a member of the firm of buhl, ducharme & company, hardware dealers. from them, dwyer bought his pig iron and similar materials for the manufacture of stoves. ducharme influenced dwyer to expand his business, consequently in 1864 the detroit stove works came into existence. the "jewell" brand of stoves was the primary output of this plant.