fully restored and converted early 20th century salvaged chicago combination residential brass electrolier /gasolier with rewired sockets


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Product Description

late 19th or early 20th century antique american salvaged chicago refinished yellow brass multi-arm ceiling fixture salvaged from a chicago mansion undergoing interior renovation. the fixture was formerly a combination electrolier/gasolier before its conversion to electric. the candelabra sleeves and downward sockets have been rewired. the wrought and cast brass light fixture components have been refinished. the original ornamental ceiling canopy remains intact. great overall condition. the salvaged chicago fixture was fabricated by the r. williamson company, chicago, ills. chicago-based gas and electrolier supplier, r. williamson company, was established in 1882 by richard williamson after seeing the great magnitude and need or demand for lighting fixtures in the city's commercial and residential structures. willliamson first opened a small plant on the far northwest side of the city on chicago on milwaukee avenue. by 1889 he moved his business to 205 randolph steet in what was then the "heart of chicago." in the 1890's r. williamson & company had taken on the rank as one of the leading "lighting fixture" houses in the city. shortly after 1896 they moved to washington street where the factory was given additions as the company was one of the biggest suppliers to all states west of the mississippi river. during their peak in production, the company occupied over 115, 000 sq. feet of factory space populated by more than 500 workers in several various departments.