hard to find and near mint condition mid-nineteenth century vibrant green glass pony soda bottle fabricated for johnston & company, in philadelphia, pa.

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Product Description

rare and all original c. 1859-1860 intact light emerald green glass pony style soda bottle manufactured for johnston & company in philadelphia, pa. the unusual bottle is embossed crisply on the front body, "johnston & co / phil a" with a raised end-letter "o" and "a"--with double marks ",," underscoring the "a". on the reverse is a small six-pointed star and a blank banner-shaped slug plate, where the name "andrews" was peened or blocked out at the 1859 dissolution of the former partnership of andrews, johnston & company. the base is smooth with a central dimple. seams evidence manufacture with two leaf mold. crudities are typical of its age and date of manufacture, including bubbles and whittling.