hard to find c. 1922-25 vintage industrial "posture line" factory office adjustable height typist chair


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Product Description

all original and completely intact highly collectible c. 1920's vintage american industrial "posture line" factory office typist chair. fabricated around 1922-25 by the toledo metal furniture co., toledo, oh. the factory office chair was made according to the recommendations of the american posture league of new york city. its use brings the pelvis in right relation to the spine, so that one's weight is distributed over the pelvis and thighs. nearly all parts of the chair are comprised of steel, cold rolled and die formed. the base is rigidly braced and has long wearing quality. the braces which make the base rigid are held in place by retainers set inside the "u" shaped legs, so that there is no pivoting motion to weaken the construction. the back wire or spring support is made of spring steel and yields pleasantly to the pressure of the body. four bolts with large size wing nuts hold the seat and "spider" in the base of the chair. adjustment of height is accomplished by removing the wing nuts and bolts, setting at proper heights and replacing the bolts. no tools are necessary to make this adjustment, which is three inches on each chair by half inch steps. the seat should always be level, which is assured by seeing that the same number of holes appear above or below the brace on each leg of the large steel channel which furnishes the adjustment. the contoured saddle seat and backrest are made of quartered oak wood. the seat is securely bolted to the steel supports which extend well out toward the edge of the seat. the back support is of solid wood on spring wire rods. the adjustable backrest can be locked at any position within the range of its adjustment. the back is hinged so that it always conforms to the lines of the body. the original patented fiber casters are original and intact. originally contained an allover olive green enameled finish. brushed steel components treated with a clear coat protective lacquer.