incredibly rare 19th century ornametnal sectional cast iron exterior rosenfeld building facade single-sided pilaster ornament

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Product Description

remarkably rare flat panel facade column ornament consisting of 4 interlocking sections. wonderful representation of sullivan's early, more fundamental organic design motifs. the building was built for levi rosenfeld in 1881 and was used for both retail and residential space. originally located on the corner of washington and halsted. the building was demolished in late october of 1958. in addition to thoroughly documenting the building, richard nickel saved several interior and exterior artifacts...including this very arrangement of decorative iron. several terra cotta blocks from the roofline chimneys were donated to the chicago institute of art. in addition, we have an actual hand-carved header block from one of the apartments above the commercial area. the piece is made of solid cherry. (will be listed shortly under this category).