the historic division street bridge is no longer

despite being consumed salvaging the john kent russell house, along with painstakingly documenting the chicago athletic association building, i did manage to make it over to the historic division street bridge (what was left of it) to photograph its final days.

by the time i arrived one afternoon, there were large segments of the bridge haphazardly cut apart and scattered all over the place. it was a rather strange sight to behold. nonetheless, i noticed the city's "municipal device" (i.e., the inverted letter y) found primarily on the overhead bracing, where they remain very much intact and seemingly arranged for transport to a new owner (yet to be identified).

interestingly, one of the workers on location mentioned to me that a "representative" from the mayor's office contacted the wrecking company, expressing interest in acquiring one of the panels to be displayed in rahm emanuel's office. i find that to be rather odd and equally amusing.

in any event, the bridge is essentially gone, with the majority of its structural components and machinery waiting to be hauled away to the scrapyard.

i was hoping to acquire one of the highly symbolic panels for the bldg. 51 museum - especially after having a candid conversation with the wrecking company's owner, but he has fallen off the radar.

it would be rather disappointing if the panels were purchased by an architectural antique company outside of chicago. in my humble opinion, they should remain here in chicago, where so many chicagoans have fond memories of this distinctive early 20th century city bridge



























































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