demolition of the john kent russell residence in photographs

for over 7 hours i systematically documented the slow and painful death of the pre-fire john kent russell house, which in its earliest form may have begun as a frame cottage that dates back to 1845-50 based on newly found evidence.

several yellow pine or douglas fir hewn wood structural members were discovered during the demolition of the possibly older backside or rear addition of the russell house. the beautiful notched and/or mortise and tenon timbers were carefully extracted from the site.

nearly all of the framing i discovered and extracted from the front end of the house (originally thought to be the earlier structure, with an addition constructed sometime in the 1860's) was sawn wood, with markings evident.

perhaps by this time, mr. russell's lumberyard now had the capability to mill wood on a much larger scale with the use of more advanced equipment added as his business continued to rapidly grow.

some clues were no doubt revealed over the course of demolition, but many more questions were raised and need to be addressed, in order to fully understand and accurately report the lifetime of this historically-important early chicago settlement structure from beginning to end.

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