documenting the urban landscape: chicago streets, signs and surfaces up close and personal

i am continually fascinated at how both time and the elements transform otherwise mundane objects or subject matter into visually striking objects of "art." as i continue to explore my archive of digital photography, i came across a folder entitled "streets, signs & surface," containing thousands of images captured over the years, in which i purposely found the simplest and most unappealing subject matter to photograph, if only because deterioration transformed it into something i could imagine hanging on my wall.

the following gallery of images represents a small sampling of subject matter captured many years ago, when i was still experimenting with my digital camera. prior to the switch i had been using 35mm, developing my own film and spending hours in the dark room. a few of the images were taken from my "street" shoot, where i spent an afternoon photographing street signs, manholes, trash, and anything else that caught my eye. if i remember correctly, i was "inspired" after looking over "walker evans: polaroids." to this day evans remains my favorite photographer.