three years later, my work at the chicago athletic association building has drawn to a close

nearly 3 years later, i've completed my work at the chicago athletic association building. documenting the entire process has resulted in a collection of over 10,000 images, several parking tickets, and countless hours of exploring/documenting the exterior and interior of both cobb's building and schmidt, garden & martin's adjoining annex during its slow transformation from being largely abandoned to becoming a historically sensitive boutique hotel.

i wasn't compensated in any way, nor did i ask for it. i simply wanted to experience or perhaps get "lost" in this remarkable building, with no restrictions and without being bothered, while i took my time admiring every inch of carved wood, mosaic tile, lighting fixtures, stained glass and so on.

i'm very pleased to have been a part of this remarkable project involving one of chicago's largely intact historical gems. luckily it has now been given a new life for people to freely visit and admire the work of architect henry ives cobb, along with hugh garden's sullivanesque ornament found throughout the annex.