mike grucza masterfully restores sullivan and wright artifacts to their rightful magnificence

the following historically important architectural artifacts (identified below) were acquired by the bldg. 51 museum collection with an understanding that restoration was necessary to undue any and all short-sighted alterations that blurred their intended functionality. fine art restorer mike gruzca mike grucza was brought on board to revive the hidden beauty found within these artifacts. with an arsenal of methodologies, tried and true techniques, and tools, the artifacts were painstakingly brought back to their original intended finish. i frequented his studio to monitor and/or document the progress made to achieve a restoration we were both satisfied with.

photographic slide of heller house restoration courtesy of the john vinci collection.

copper-plated ornamental cast iron cyrus mccormick mansion radiator grille cover:

isidore heller house cast plaster capital:

interior louis frank house cast plaster ceiling medallion:

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