photographic documentation of pittsfield building's exterior art deco and gothic style ornament

i wanted to take a moment out of this busy fall period to document the beauty of certain buildings here in chicago that i just find exceptionally appealing; the pittsfield is one of those such places. combining both art deco and gothic influences, the exterior terra cotta and bronze elements are truly something to behold. one of the numerous buildings that make up chicago's iconic lakefront skyline, the pittsfield was completed in 1927; at the time it was the tallest building in the city. situated in the jeweler's row district, the building was devised and developed by heirs of marshall field, and named after the town in which marshall field himself obtained his first job.

designed by the architects graham, anderson, probst and white, the building complied with a 1923 ordinance requiring setbacks, a step like recession in a skyscraper's outer walls initially utilized for structural reasons (to lower a building's center of mass and therefore allow for more stability). these setbacks were also often mandated for more aesthetic reasons, to allow for more daylight and fresh air at street level in densely built up areas.  the interior of the building, which at this time i am unable to access and photograph, features a five-story atrium lined by balconies and shops, detailed with marble, brass, and spanish gothic inspired carvings.

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