digitization of the bldg. 51 museum reference library top priority in 2018

next year i will force myself to set time aside and digitize my entire reference library containing 19th century architectural trade journals, company catalogs, salesman samples, booklets, brochures, etc. 

for example, after rediscovering an early 20th century binder, containing double-sided plates with wood samples in a variety of finishes (i was convinced it was lost), i thought about how useful this would be to restoration architects for example. this material - all of it - needs to be digitized and shared. 

additionally, it would be great to move the entire bld. 51 operation, containing the building artifact museum, library, historic building material sample "laboratory," and photo studio (also housing scanners and printers), to a building with full public access. that's one of goals for 2018 anyway.

a selection of recent reference library acquisitions shown below:

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