a relentless focus on digitizing images of chicago's past a welcome change from documenting building ornament

i've devoted a few hours nearly every evening (beginning in late fall) digitizing the archives of both john vinci and tim samuelson as a countermeasure to battle the onset of burnout from non-stop documentation of architectural ornament adorning historically important buildings across the city.

viewing chicago's past through artifacts, photographs, and thousands of ektachrome slides is a new and refreshing way to sustain my interest in 19th and early 20th architecture without having to view it through the lens of my camera. as of late however, my camera has been essential in documenting the death of chicago buildings covered in previous posts beginning in late 2017. the ornament i've shot all of last year is protected on landmarked buildings, so i have ample time to regain the momentum that led to numerous photographic studies of chicago school buildings through much of 2017, which culminated in late fall, when i devoted a great deal of time documenting the replacement of one of two gargantuan cartouches adorning louis h. sullivan's gage building.

the following images shuttle between material housed in vinci and samuelson's archives, which until now, haven't been made available for public consumption. i'm continually grateful that both vinci and samuelson have given me unabridged access to these archives along with the opportunity to copy and disseminate this important material to those will appreciate it - hopefully to the extent that i do.

the gallery below offers digitized documents and artifact from both the john vinci and tim samuelson archives.  when time permits, i will begin filling in captions.


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