demolition nearing its end on clarence hatzfeld's south masonic temple building

very little remains of south side masonic temple (1921). a few riveted joint steel trusses and columns, partially covered with chunks of dangling concrete, will be pulled apart with the wrecker's long reach excavator this week. 
remnants of a grand hall bedecked with ornamental plaster (e.g., fluted pilasters) cling to life on the battered south wall. the temple's time capsule is likely buried deep within the rubble. most of the exterior bedford limestone ornament - designed by the building's architect clarence hatzfeld - has made its way to the landfill.

note: the two images below (east and south facades respectively) revisit the building shortly after demolition began at the beginning of the year. the hand carved bedford limestone rondels were carefully extracted, but the gargantuan columns, capitals, and name plaque now reside in the landfill. 

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