revisiting "unearthing chicago" in 2018

i have tens of thousands of images taken from dig sites across the city of chicago. sadly, only a few hundred have been edited and added to blog posts over the years. the "unearthing chicago" book will remain in suspended animation until the day i sit down and begin pulling all of the data together.

revisiting the documentation of digs, the artifacts discovered, and how to visualize it all through the lens of 19th century chicago will be a daunting task, but one that needs to be completed one way or another. i've devoted too much time and money to walk away.

perhaps most importantly, some of the data gathered may prove useful to anthropologists and archaeologists who have never been granted the luxury of being on construction and/or excavation sites in and around chicago where any and all of my discoveries were made.

aside from discovering some of the earliest known privy pits in downtown chicago, when the city was still in its pioneer days, i find the systematic extraction and reconstruction of mid-19th century wood privy "vaults" incredibly important, since the "architecture" or materials and methods used to build these underground vessels designed to store trash have never been carefully studied above ground. it's one thing to read the lengthy city ordinances written during that time, but to actually see what's described in one form or another is truly amazing.

the following images (if not the blog entry altogether) is as an attempt to keep the "unearthing chicago" project alive and relevant long after my efforts to seek new dig sites has waned considerably over the last year. when time permits, i will begin adding captions to the artifacts left behind by chicagoans from the past. nearly of the objects have been cleaned to some degree to be more presentable when photographed in the studio. i hope that by adding captions i will gain badly needed momentum to sort through and edit more images that haven't seen the light of day - pun intended.

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