several historically important artifacts, books and ephemera join bldg. 51 museum and archive in 2018

2018 looks to be a very promising year in terms of ephemera, book, and artifact acquisition -  based upon what the bldg. 51 museum archive has already secured, along with arrangements in the works or nearing finalization. the ever-growing museum archive has reached a critical mass, where a publicly accessibly venue is necessary to properly display and/or exhibit chicago-based 19th and early 20th century architectural ornament akin to other entities such as the art institute's fragment gallery and the graham foundation's outdoor ornament display.

although the following artifacts, books, and images have been digitized and cataloged, i will be working tirelessly this spring to make everything more accessible beyond the limitations of cyberspace. despite the setbacks of presenting new acquisitions through this medium, it does, at the very least, provide any and all interested parties a visual record of what is contained within the bldg. 51 archive.


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