the death of a south side chicago comed substation is on the horizon

a permit to demolish the southside chicago comed substation (1924) - located at 6141 s. prairie ave - was received on 3-14-2018. i've included additional images of the building's interior and cast iron and limestone ornament designed by herman v. von volst.

the building's architect is perhaps best known for taking on the responsibility of heading up frank lloyd wright's architectural practice when wright went to europe in 1909. 
he also frequently collaborated with george grant elmslie on several prairie school industrial and commercial structures, including other comed substations. alfonso iannelli did work on some of von holst's powerhouses, but i cannot confirm whether iannelli was involved on this project.


at this point, demolition looks imminent.

note: additional photos and/or information can be found here - a previous blog post covering von holt's substation. 

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