reconstruction of adler and sullivan's trading room through john vinci's kodachrome slides

john vinci kodachrome slides documenting the reconstruction of adler and sullivan's chicago stock exchange building trading room. thankfully, john dated each and every slide, so we have a concise timeline of the room's reconstruction. i hope to have any and all slides (taken by john vinci using his hasselblad 500c/m 120mm medium format film camera) pertaining to the trading room reconstruction digitized by the end of april, 2018..


the architectural firm of adler and sullivan designed the chicago stock exchange built between 1893 to 1894. when the building was undergoing demolition in 1972, richard nickel, john vinci, david norris, tim samuelson and others were instrumental in salvaging sullivan's elaborate polychromatic stencils (executed by design firm healy & millet) cast plaster capitals, and strongly geometric art glass for use when architects john vinci and larry kenney reconstructed the trading room in the art institute's rubloff building between 1976 and 1977.

Historic American Building Survey/Public Domain

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