trip to st. louis affords opportunity to document adler & sullivan's wainwright tomb











adler & sullivan’s wainwright tomb - located in bellefontaine cemetery st. louis – was originally constructed for charlotte dickson wainwright, the wife of ellis wainwright, who’s building was designed by the same firm a year before the tomb was completed in 1892.

shortly after construction of the adler & sullivan’s wainwright building located in downtown st. louis the wife of brewery owner ellis wainwright died. wainwright commissioned louis sullivan to design a tomb for his wife and himself, which was completed in 1892. in 1901, wainwright fled the united states after being indicted for bribery, but later returned and died in st. louis in 1924.

the tomb itself is a domed cubic building comprised of exterior buff Indiana limestone with hand-carved ornament designed by sullivan. the tomb’s entrance contains a double-leafed ornamental patinated bronze grill concealing inner double-doors.

the sides of the tomb contain recessed windows with ornamented bronze window guards. the tomb’s interior contains two burial slabs (for ellis and his wife) and a richly colored mosaic floor and domed ceiling. the wainwright tomb has been described as "the most sensitive and the most graceful of sullivan's tombs" and as "one of sullivan's masterpieces."

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