19th century chicago rowhouses on webster slated for wrecking ball in coming weeks

two 19th century post fire two-story italianate style brick rowhouses on webster await the wrecking ball. the well-maintained masonry homes are accentuated with seldom seen richly colored enameled minton tiles with visually striking designs. 

in addition to photographing the facade in great detail, i stepped back and shot the neighboring homes – all built around the same period. the continuity of period homes is mirrored across the street. 

sadly, the loss of these chicago rowhouses will tear a large hole in this neighborhood’s amazingly intact historic fabric, which is often repeated in a seemingly never-ending cycle across other city neighborhoods.  i'm sure other neighboring homes will become "targets" in the coming years. making photographic records of it all is getting old.

year after year, i feel like i’m singing the same song, accompanied by the creation of yet another visual record (perhaps autopsy report) of what’s about to be destroyed. i look forward to the day when i just walk away from it all, but sadly, that day will never come. 

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