original brown diazo technical drawing or "blueprint " for linear accelerator building interior stair detail

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original "final approved copy" brown diazo detailed technical drawing or "blueprint" for the interior stair railing that was incorporated into the c. 1960 2nd floor addition to the max straus tumor clinic or linear accelerator building. loebl, schlossman, and bennett were the primary architects of the 1960 addition, with abbot construction co. as general contractors. the interior metal staircase was fabricated by the mid-city architectural iron co. this schematic, dated 1-30-1960, was actually used "in the field" or onsite during installation of the staircase. a multitude of extensive notes, markings and additional drawings are found on the front and backside of the document. a small number of diazo and cyanotype prints left behind, were found within the shuttered building. please contact us to arrange for a showing of these historically valuable documents.