original c. 1915 american industrial white porcelain enameled "block arc" city street gas lamp with intact burner cluster


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Product Description

early 20th century american industrial exterior "block arc" inverted mantle incandescent type city street lamp designed and patented by frank v. eisinger of youngstown, oh in 1914. the suspending type street lamp is comprised of heavy gauge cold-rolled steel with original white porcelain enameled finish largely intact. original nickel-plated stamped brass manufacturer plaque found between the metallic gold pin striping. the stop cock and needle valve found under the reflector was removed long ago. the cluster body is comprised of an upper and lower section, with the lower being removable for maintenance (i.e., cleaning of the filtering gauze at the end of the bunsen). the concealed gas supply pipe and exposed burner cluster remain intact. the rim or reflector retains the original pins or set screws for securing a clear glass globe. the early american street lamp was fabricated by the block light co., youngstown, oh.