original c. 1920's vintage medical adjustable height zoalite reading lamp


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Product Description

c. 1920's vintage medical "type z-70" zoalite infra-red floor lamp. the visually striking dark green enameled art deco cast iron base features a strongly geometric pattern or design motif in deep relief. the chrome-plated extension pole is affixed tightly to a long coiled steel black enameled gooseneck arm. the reinforced rolled rim aluminum reflector has a uniform dark green enameled finish with brown accent between the two embossed "speed" rings. the wood handle and socket housing are finished in chocolate brown. a fully adjustable ball pivot joint is affixed to the end of the flexible gooseneck arm. a standard incandescent light bulb provides adequate illumination when used as a reading lamp. the infra-red zoalite localizing floor lamp was promoted heavily during the 1920's as a device to keep you "full of life and vigor" in addition to relaxing strained muscles. the lamp was fabricated by the burdick cabinet co., established around 1912 in milton, wis. burdick was an early manufacturer of electro-therapeutic appliances, including the "radiovitant" deep-therapy lamp, the actinic ray air-cooled lamp and electric bakers.