original and remarkably intact early 20th century vintage american industrial o.c. white articulating arm ceiling fixture with green porcelain enameled flat-shaped reflector

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Product Description

intact refinished and rewired early 20th century vintage industrial adjustable arm ceiling mount task lamp with oversized green porcelain enameled steel reflector or shade. central to the factory lamp is the sectional ball and socket cast iron "knuckle" joint, which remains completely intact and in excellent working condition. patented by otis c. white in 1893, the versatile joint received many awards and medals (e.g., franklin institute, of philadelphia, the massachusetts charitable mechanics association, of boston, etc.) for its remarkable originality, both in design and execution. the cast bronze and iron wrist joint contains lightly incised manufacturer markings. the yellow brass paddle switch or key socket has been rewired with period appropriate rayon lamp cord. fabricated by the otis c. white company, worcester, mass. the steel arms measure 36 1/4 and 20 1/4 inches respectively. original cast iron flush mount ceiling cap or flange. the rolled rim flat-shaped reflector measures 16 inches in diameter.