original intact oversized early 1920's antique american industrial green porcelain enameled steel roberts electric company factory machine shop pendant light fixture


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Product Description

set of two matching completely intact and all original early 1920's antique american industrial green porcelain enameled pendant light fixtures manufactured for chicago-based benjamin electric manufacturing company, with components fabricated by crouse-hinds. the type "rr" cold-rolled steel "standard" bowl-shaped reflectors with unique socket housings retain the original robust vitreous or porcelain enameled finish over steel, with white reflective coating along the underside. the tapered socket housings contain a single ceramic socket. the fixtures retain the original extended threaded steel posts or pipes with intact stamped or pressed steel ceiling canopies or "caps." the fixtures were recently salvaged from the roberts electric company, chicago, ills. the machine shop and factory were formally located in the historic fulton market district. the company specialized in fabrication components used in military aircraft. priced individually.