completely refinished late 1930's american industrial low-lying stationary "pollard brothers" cast iron and maple wood refinished a. finkl & sons foundry locker room bench


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Product Description

one of several matching late 1930's american industrial hard to find and highly sought after "pollard brothers" versatile factory locker room benches with original solid maple wood top. the low-lying stationary factory bench contains two identical cast iron bases with manufacturer markings deeply embossed and running vertically along the edges of the outer sides. the channeled bases are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of other industrial furniture including side tables, coffee tables, display stands and so on. the matching legs have been brushed down to bare metal and sealed with a clear coat lacquer. this particular bench retains the original solid male wood seat with a nicely worn and weathered finish. the benches were designed and fabricated by the pollard brothers mfg. company, chicago, il. both bases (alone) and benches (complete) are available. several bases and seats or benches were salvaged from one of several locker rooms housed within a giant chicago-based foundry. the lockers have been updated or replaced over the years, but the pollard benches were left untouched (with the exception of red paint added in the 1940's).