museum quality c. 1884 louis h. sullivan-designed exterior salvaged chicago scoville building red slip glazed terra cotta lunette with segmented surround and deep undercuts

Bld. 51 Museum Collection

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Product Description

historically important original and intact red slip glaze terra cotta exterior lunette panels salvaged from adler & sullivan's james w. scoville building before its demolition in 1974. the richly ornamented arch-top terra cotta lunette with deep undercuts was fabricated by the northwestern terra cotta company, chicago, ills. the 1884-1885 scoville factory building, designed by adler & sullivan, contained three different designs reflecting in part sullivan's evolution or transition of ornament design (espeically in the use of terra cotta) beginning in the early 1880's when former mentor john edelmann was a source of inspiration in the development of sullivan's own ornament. the scoville factory - demolished in 1974 - was the most ornamental of the few remaining factory buildings designed by adler & sullivan. one of the firm's earliest commissions, it required them to remodel an existing adler & sullivan structure to accord with a new, much larger addition. the fluidity in some of the ornament (e.g., triptych lunettes) showed a marked transition from sullivan's more rigid style of organic design motifs. two available for sale. 18.5 w x 21" h x 4"d