american antique industrial four-legged petite-sized backless factory workbench toledo stool with a sealed brushed metal finish

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Product Description

original low-lying american antique industrial "uhl art steel" backless factory workbench stool manufactured by the toledo metal furniture co., toledo, oh. the stool contains a pressed and folded pierced metal seat. the distinctive steel base contains four stretchers of concave metal straps connected to the legs and joined by a circular strip in the center. the four-legged stool has been brushed down to bare metal and sealed with a clear coat lacquer. the steel disc shoes are perfectly intact. the toledo metal furniture company, manufacturer of uhl art steel furniture offered to druggists and soda dispensers, factories and offices a line of convenient, durable, economical and serviceable steel furniture. the uhl idea was conceived and the first chair brought into existence through the "sweat of the brows" of the uhl brothers, joe and clem, in a small bicycle repair shop in toledo, several years ago. this first chair when completed, although crude in comparison with the present-day product, proved the idea a success. it at once established the u-shaped formation of cold-rolled steel as the most ingenious method invented for securing in the legs of chairs, stands and tables a maximum of strength with a minimum of weight without any sacrifice of appearance. seat height measures 24 inches.