c. 1923 original antique american rectangular-shaped stamped brass city license plaque or badge for street wagon or cart peddlers


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Product Description

unusual and hard to find (in this quantity) all original rectangular-shaped diminutive stamped brass metal "marker" plates designed for use on the wagon or cart of a licensed chicago peddler for the "first period" of 1923. the single-sided plaque was assigned to each peddler with a stamped number found directly below the expiration date. according to the chicago municipal code of 1923, "every peddler whose license entitles him to use a wagon or other vehicle drawn or propelled by animal or mechanical power in about his business shall obtain from the city clerk at the time license is issued a painted metal plate 5 inches long and 2 inches wide for each wagon or other similar vehicle to be used by him in or about his business. such plate shall have stamped thereon a number corresponding to the number of such peddler's license and the words chicago wagon peddler together with the year for which such license is issued. such plate shall be of a different color and design for each license period." the tags are in great overall condition with the original baked black enameled finish intact. possibly fabricated by or for the j.o. pollack company, chicago, il. priced individually.