highly unusual c. 1930's depression era worn and weathered fully functional freestanding electronically operated mechanical amusement mark clown "greeter"


UR #:: UR-21272-14

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Product Description

one of a kind, possibly custom-built fully functional c. 1930's american depression era electronically-operated mechanical amusement park clown "greeter" removed long ago from a fun park in michigan. the unique and creepy clown is heavily worn and weathered, but its up and down motion with noisy gears continue operate when plugged in and switched on. the clown's face and hand-painted features are largely intact. the costume that concealed the arms and torso was long gone when it arrived through our doors. the wood podium was "dressed up" at some point, but like the other features, is mostly stripped down and worn. despite the obvious lack of maintenance and obvious neglect, the clown is structurally sound and sturdy. very little else is known about the clown's history. measures 19 inches in diameter at base. clown figure measures 27 inches wide x ~48 inches high.