late 1940's collectible original and intact late 1940's american industrial double-sided laminated wood "think" table or desk ibm advertising plaque or coporate gift


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Product Description

hard to find and highly collectible late 1940's freestanding double-sided laminated wood "think" desk or table corporate plaque distributed as a complimentary gift or salesman sample by the international business machines corp., new york. the "think" motto was coined by thomas j. watson while managing the sales and advertising departments at the national cash register company, saying "thought has been the father of every advance since time began. 'i didn't think' has cost the world millions of dollars." in 1914 he brought the motto with him to the computing tabulating recording corporation. the “think” motto was ubiquitous within ibm offices and factories throughout the world by the 1930’s, and began attracting notice outside the company within the same decade. ibm was deluged with requests from the public for its iconic think signs, and from customers who wanted to use them in their own businesses. in 1948 ibm handed out 9000 signs; by 1960 that number had jumped to 20,000. in the decades that followed—as watson’s progressive vision of the engaged and intelligent worker continued to find widespread resonance—the think sign became a common adornment of the average american desk and an enduring fixture of business culture. the "think" sign retaining the original solid walnut base was fabricated by the plastic laminating corp. "placo"), located in vaux hall, nj. surface wear and discoloration consistent with age. measures 7 1/4 x 2 x 4 inches