original and largely intact american depression era curbside or rural folded and pressed steel letterbox with lockable angled top

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Product Description

nicely worn and weathered original american folk art depression era curbside galvanized tin letterbox with intact lockable hasp. the angled front mailbox was likely fabricated by the homeowner or a local metalsmith. the wall-mounted mailbox contains an outgoing mail "flag" in the form of a red painted circular disc attached to a pivoting metal strap. the small slot found on the right side (underneath the hinged door) was likely used for incoming/outgoing mail. very faint traces of hand-painted lettering evident. surface wear consistent with age. early on, the u.s. post office established guidelines for mail recipients, including mail slot or mailbox size, location, and identification requirements. while the post office permitted alternative designs for attached mailboxes and mail slots that met basic size and construction requirements, the same was not true for curbside mailboxes, which postal regulations required be in the form of the traditional dome-rectangular or 'tunnel-top' design first established in 1915. in 1978, seven years after the establishment of the u.s. postal service, u.s. postal authorities at last approved a "contemporary" mailbox specification for alternative designs. measures 18 x 7 x 9 inches.