single freestanding vintage american c. 1950's hand-painted steel chicago service station signicade manufactured for the sale of gulf oil company gasoline

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Product Description

original vintage c. 1950's hand-painted steel sign manufactured for the sale of gulf oil company's gasoline. the white, hand-painted script reads "good gulf 309 / no nox 349", advertising the regular and premium gasoline sold by gulf oil. the metal framed steel sign is rusted and slightly corroded near the bottom but otherwise intact. the gulf oil company began at the turn of the century, in 1901, with an oil discovery in spindletop, texas. the primary commercial fuel at that time was coal, but by 1903 the age of mechanization had arrived and the petroleum industry rose to keep pace. gasoline was developed in response to advances in automotive technology. within 12 years of the discovery of oil at spindletop, gulf began the first drive-in service station, complimentary gulf road maps, and over water drilling at ferry lake. in 1917 the gulfstream went into world war I service, along with the rest of gulf's tanker fleet. in the late 1920's and early 1930's gulf was a major u.s. corporation, marketing its "gulfpride" motor oil. by the 1950s gulf had expanded to become a major manufacturer, and by the 1960s the company mounted vigorous exploration, production and marketing programs that included new refineries, petrochemical and polyethylene plants, the construction of mammoth tankers, a joint development with the holiday inns of america, and the redesign of the orange disc logo.