custom made and original c. 1950's american vintage industrial television repair shop exterior sign consisting of carefully cut metal letters affixed to an angled bracket


UR #:: UR-27521-18

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Product Description

very unique c. 1950's american exterior television repair sign designed and fabricated by hand. the thin metal lettering was painstakingly cut from sheet metal and mounted against a freestanding angled bracket. the completely custom-built service sign was made by the owner of the repair shop based in detroit, mich. the oversized red enameled letters are mostly uniform in finish. additional letters finished in additional colors are available. the word "repair" was the only word intact and held together by the bracket used to interconnect each letter. the other letters contain partial angled steel brackets allowing for them to be freestanding, but at an angle. the brackets can be removed altogether if one wants the letters to be displayed flush against a wall. the asking price is for the entire word "repair" with integrated mounting bracket included. measures 73 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 16 1/8 inches.