set c. 1930's raised edge galvanized metal comma and apostrophe punctuation mark signs


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Product Description

c. 1930's illuminated electric comma and apostrophe punctuation mark signs originally used in sign making over the entrance of a chicago area theater or arena that displays the names of featured attractions and principal. each period or dot is made from a riveted galvanized sheet metal with deep raised edges. measures approx. 30 inches in height (with bracket) by 5 1/2 inches in depth. the edge confines all the light within the letter so that the light rays are projected straight out from the edge, making the letter stand out bright and luminous. the letters originally were mounted on a framed iron band slide. letters are equipped with original hubbell connecting plug. original red enamel finish worn and weathered, creating a very nice patina with visual character. the letters were possibly made by the chicago stage lighting co. 25 watt bulbs are sufficient for each porcelain socket during the 1920's and 1930's. orange bulbs retains original dipped transcolor finish. priced for the set.