single-sided early 20th century antique american industrial wrought brass metal "unknown" letter stencil template plate


UR #:: UR-19282-14

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Product Description

original early 20th century american industrial medium-sized thin wrought brass metal "unknown" template letter stencil plate fabricated by or for the illinois engraving co., chicago, il. this rectangular-shaped plate with cut corners was originally apart of a "wheel" joined together with others by a single decorative copper rivet. the stencil plates were used on a variety of products, signage and advertising of the early 20th century. a limited number of plates from this "series" are available. along with several stenciled letters, the stencil plates were salvaged from an old chicago area sign shop. the sign plate exhibits a nicely aged patina with residual blank ink evident. measures approximately 7 x 3 inches.