all original c. 1930's american antique medical depression era hospital operating room "operay" multibeam surgical light with centrally located orb


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Product Description

exceptionally rare and seldom found all original c. 1930's antique american industrial ceiling and/or floor mount hospital operating room "operay" multibeam surgical light designed and fabricated by the ohio chemical & mfg. co., madison, wisc. the intact "operay" hospital surgical light was designed as one of the first shadowless and glare-free lighting fixtures during the first half of the 20th century. the "steampunk" style operating theater light is comprised of iron, steel, nickel-plated brass and glass. several variations of the "operay" fixture were designed and fabricated. this particular model features a centrally located baked-on black enameled aluminum orb featuring multiple thick fresnel glass lenses on the exterior and six concave mirrors mounted within the orb's interior where the electrified light source is located. the light reflected from the mirrors travels through the convex lenses where the light is magnified onto surrounding mirrors mounted in nickel-plated brass brackets flanking the light-emitting orb. a single aluminum knob (not shown) mounted or integrated into the gear box just left of the solid steel ball counterweight provides focal control. the mirrors, orb and arm can be readily adjusted to achieve the desired angle of light and or position of the operating light fixture. the original finish has not been altered. the fixture has been rewired with an intact and original on/off toggle switch.