nice assortment of original late 19th and early 20th century original chicago privy-dug druggist bottles with bold and deeply embossed markings


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Product Description

large deposit of amazingly intact apothecary or druggist bottles discovered in three privy pits in the west town neighborhood of chicago. a commercial building from the mid-1880's, a two story residence and a single story hardware store (all demolished this fall) on three various lots contained privy and/or shallow ash pits, discovered after the excavation was initiated for new development. several other artifacts were collected from these sites in addition to the pharmacy bottles. interestingly, one of the druggist or medical bottles contained an address on 63rd street about a block west of the infamous h.h. holmes "murder castle." the majority of the drugstore bottles are "french square" in shape, with long necks, flared lips and custom embossed lettering. the two-part hinge mold bottles are mostly colorless with the exception of the oversized dark amber glass bottle distributed by r.e. rhode, chemist, chicago. discoloration and iridescence consistent with prolonged exposure to and reaction from the soil's chemistry. priced for the entire lot. each and every bottle from a city of chicago drugstore with several different proprietors.