two matching vintage american industrial diminutive embossed cleat glass research laboratory reagent bottles with intact penny-shaped removable ground glass stoppers


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Product Description

matching set of original desirable embossed vintage american industrial clear glass research laboratory reagent bottles fabricated by or for the whitall tatum company, philadelphia, pa. the set of matching embossed bottles contain ground glass removable penny-shaped glass stoppers. the clear glass bottles with sloping shoulders and slightly flared lips contain various manufacturer markings embossed along their smooth bases. embossed lettering reflecting the interior contents embossed along the bottle bodies. the bottles have never been used, making them "new old stock" or overstock. the bottles were salvaged from chemistry department laboratories located at the university of chicago, il. considered antiquated and/or outdated, the bottles along with other laboratory equipment were simply going to be discarded. we secured dozens and dozens of various reagent bottles, miscellaneous glassware, retort stands and signage from the newly renovated laboratories. the asking price reflects the quantity of bottles depicted in the listing's images. several styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.