original rare hand-crafted c. 1927 life-size dissectable human anatomy figure


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Product Description

museum quality dissectable paper mache human anatomy figure or model "made by dr. auzoux" in 1927. as a medical student in paris, louis thomas jrme auzoux (1797-1880) noticed that there was often a shortage of human remains available for doing human dissections. dissections were an essential part of studying medicine. however, even if a body was available, it could only be used once before it began to decompose. to deal with the shortage of bodies, auzoux began producing accurate anatomical models that could be taken apart piece by piece. the models were sturdy and inexpensive, especially when made with the secret papier-mch mixture that auzoux had developed (containing cork and clay as well as paper and glue). in 1828 dr. auzoux founded a factory to produce models in his small hometown st.aubin d'ecrosville in normandy, france, where he employed 60-100 workers of all ages and both sexes, whose main tasks were the moulding and painting of the models. after an initial prototype of a model was sculpted by auzoux himself, moulds were taken that served as the basis for potentially unlimited numbers of casts. casts were produced by inserting layers of a secret papier-mch mixture, containing cork and clay as well as paper and glue. for the upright models of humans and large animals and plants, internal metal structures were used to increase their stability. the papier-mch parts were joined on to this metal core and were then painted, labeled, and varnished. the full human figure shown above is an authentic model made in auzoux's factory. we discovered this model in a basement room in the old cook county hospital. the model was "renovated" by the denoyer geppert science co. in 1947. overall, the figure is in good condition, with hand-painted, individually numbered organs and tissues largely intact. unfortunately, the upper extremities and front chest plate appear to be missing. in addition, there is slight damage to two of the figure's toes on the right foot. very rare and well-crafted anatomical artifact. please call for price.