early 20th century refinished antique american medical cold-rolled steel hospital operating room medical supply multi-drawer cabinet with steel knob pulls


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Product Description

original and largely intact antique american medical cold-rolled steel hospital operating room supply cabinet designed and fabricated by or for the william v. willis & co., philadelphia, pa. the compact medical dressing storage cabinet contains a total of five pull-out steel drawers with brushed steel knobs and raised panels. the right side of the cabinet features two open compartments with the top originally having a swing-out cabinet door and the bottom opening once had a hinged cabinet door that swung or pivoted downwards. the doors were removed long ago. the interior compartment contain an almond white enameled finish. the medical cabinet likely had a base and a white vitrolite glass sanitary top. the cabinet has been brushed down to bare metal and sealed with a clear coat lacquer. the cabinet once belonged to the old cook county hospital located on harrison street on the west side of chicago. measures 28 x 16 1/4 x 25 1/8 inches.