historically important c. 1962 interior chicago grant hospital aged copper box "time capsule" with original contents perfectly intact prior to the box being unsealed

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Product Description

original and completely intact (i.e., untouched) diminutive soldered joint copper box or "time capsule" discovered behind the date plaque of the original grant park hospital (later known as lincoln park hospital), chicago, il. the compact darkened copper box was carefully opened to reveal the contents which included, but not limited to, research papers, newspapers, coins, pamphlets pertaining to the hospital and a "doomsday" typewritten letter with an opening line stating, "in this day of possible nuclear destruction and biological suicide we doctors of 1962 are only assuming that there will be a succeeding generation to read this." the copper box was or capsule was sealed in a concrete cavity directly behind the date plaque mounted on the exterior side of the hospital building. copper metal is almost always used to prevent the interior contents from damage caused by exposure to temperatures changes and water infiltration to the outer box. the contents have since been donated with the exception of the cover letter, which is stored away in the bldg. 51 museum.