largely intact c. 1930's antique american art deco drugstore storefront window show globe with original cast aluminum stand


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Product Description

depression- era american art deco style two gallon window display show globe, salvaged from an old southside chicago pharmacy. the cast aluminum base features a streamlined incised design with original black enameled inlay for accent. pharmacists used show globes was to display their chemical prowess. show globes were used during the period where pharmacological agents were extracted from plants more often than they were triturated with a mortar and pestle. most pharmacists would take a crude compound, like digitalis, and water to the plants and let them steep. ethanol was often used in the extraction process. once the extraction was completed the pharmacist would place the tincture or extract into bottles waiting to be mixed into a concoction of some type. this ability to properly extract and mix was the sign of a competent druggist. thus, coloring the water of a show globe was a reflection or visual identification of an educated and highly skilled druggist that could be recognized by the community. manufactured by the owens-illinois glass company, founded by michael joseph owens - an inventor of machines that could automate the production of glass bottles. he was born in mason county, west virginia on january 1, 1859. he left grade school at the age of 10 for a glassware apprenticeship at j.h. hobbs, brockunier and company in wheeling, west virginia. in 1888 he moved to toledo, ohio and worked for the toledo glass factory of edward drummond libbey. he was later promoted to foreman and then a supervisor. he formed the owens bottle machine company in 1903. his machines could produce glass bottles at a rate of 240 per minute, and reduce labor costs by 80%. owens and libbey entered into a partnership and the company was then renamed the owens bottle company in 1919. in 1929 the company merged with the illinois glass company to become the owens-illinois glass company. additional showcase and ceiling mount globes available. the base of the glass stopper has broken off, but globe and stand are in great condition. Item measures 33"h x 10"w.