original 19th century richly colored chicago pruvy dug dark olive green embossed coca mariani porter bottle with long tapered neck and applied tapered collar

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Product Description

c. 1870's-1880's original and intact chicago privy dug coca mariani porter bottle fabricated in new york city, new york. the concoction purportedly laced with cocaine, was imported from paris during the latter half of the 19th century. angleo mariani began making wine mixed with the juice or extracts of the coca plant. the drink was highly addictive, containing 10 percent alcohol and a high level of cocaine extracted from coca leaves. the passage of the 1906 food and drug act, containing several consumer protection laws, made the drink largely unavailable for mass consumption going forward. the large medicinal liquor bottle is comprised of heavily reinforced thick green glass. the porter style body features embossed lettering identifying the name of the concoction, followed by place of origin. the bottle contains a sunken base with a centrally located protruding knob with the letter "e." the long and narrow tapered neck contains an applied tapered collar with single ring. the unearthed bottle contains discoloration and surface wear, but otherwise is free from cracks or breaks. the bottle was discovered in a chicago privy on the near west side of chicago.