original and intact late nineteenth century privy dug hand blown colorless glass medicine bottle fabricated for chicago pharmacist william j. barth


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Product Description

single antique c. 1880's colorless glass medicinal bottle manufactured for the chicago based pharmacist and druggist william j. barth. the rectangular glass is finished with a narrow neck and rounded flared prescription lip. the body features beveled corners, and panels on two sides that round near the shoulder, with vertical embossing on the front, "william j. barth / druggist pharmacist / 312 grand ave," with the name and profession appearing inside a fanciful open lined banner design. at the shoulder is an open lined crest inside which is the monogram "wjb" with a crown overhead. crudities are typical of its age and date of manufacture, including bubbles and surface wear. discoloration or irridization is typical of dug bottles. the pharmacy appears to have been at what is today the southern corner of grand and elizabeth streets, at 1237 grand ave. the address is listed in city and business directories as the residence of several other doctors, including john v. fowler, m.d., william d. harvey, and albert b strong.